Parish History

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish:

1897: October — The founding of the Roman Catholic mission of St. Thomas Aquinas in Hudson.  The priest in charge of the mission is Father Alphonse Reid.  Fr. Reid will direct the destinies of the mission until 1923.

1898: April 13th — The first private Catholic school in Hudson opens its doors.  Class is held for a brief period in the residence of the priest in charge of the mission—Fr. Alphonse Reid—after which time the school is moved to another private residence.  Thirty students attend at a cost of 0.25 cents per month.  Photo of Mission Chapel

1922: The renovation of St. Thomas Aquinas mission chapel begins.  This renovation is undertaken in order to meet the needs of the community, and to mark the canonical elevation of the mission to the status of parish in three years time.

1925: The Mission of St. Thomas Aquinas is elevated to the status of parish by the bishop at Valleyfield, and the church is refurbished to appear as we know it today.




ref: timeline, Hudson Historical Society